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Where heat, waves, weightlessness and beauty come together lies serenity—The Perfect Chair® Serenity® Plus, to be exact. We've seamlessly integrated earth’s natural elements and the healing arts of the Far East into an amazingly luxurious chair that soothes tired, aching muscles, elevating the body to a new state of comfort and relaxation. Inspired by the Neutral Body Posture chaise position developed by NASA to support astronauts’ ascent into orbit, the Perfect Chair’s frame ergonomics put the body in a virtually weightless position that physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit. Within the chair lies an equally stunning advancement—jade stones that radiate farinfrared heat up to three inches deep into muscle tissue to create healing warmth that can be felt long after you leave the chair. Add to that full-body, Serenity® Wave Therapy technology and you’ve reached the perfect bliss. Or, Serenity, as we call it.

Product Features


PC-086 Serenity® Plus Features


  • Jade-Stone-Transmitted far-infrared Heat

     Jade stones radiate far-infrared rays that deliver healing warmth up to three inches deep into muscle tissue, reducing inflammation, relieving joint and muscle pain, improving circulation, and speeding cellular recovery.

  • Electric Recline System                           

     A smooth functioning, high-performance recline system with whisper-quiet motors eases the chair from upright to full recline in less than 15 seconds. You control your journey from sitting to floating with an unobtrusive, easy-to-use fingertip recline lever.

  • Heated Gentle-Wave Therapy

     The chair’s rapid-deploying heat quickly reaches the optimal temperature, then electronically maintains the perfect level of warmth. Combine that with the Serenity® Wave Therapy technology and elevate the body to a new state of comfort and ultimate relaxation.

  • Luxurious Top-Grain Leather

     Surrounding yourself in fine leather is the ultimate luxury. Our Top-grain leather is made from the strongest and most supple part of the hide. When seated in the chair, you’ll feel cradled in comfort.

Product Specification


PC-086 Serenity® Plus Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions                       45"L X 35"W X 48"H
Reclined Chair Length                              65"
Reclined Leg Height                                  29"
Reclined Head Height                                27"
Seat Width                                                   23"
Distance to Wall                                         12"
Weight                                                           137 lbs
Recline Operation                                       Power
Recline Angle                                               125-175 Degrees
WarrantyStandard Warranty,                  3-Year Limited
Shipping Box Dimensions                         56"L X 36"W X 46"H

Part Numbers:                                           Black Top-Grain Leather/Leather Match: PC-086-100-103
                                                                      Espresso Top-Grain Leather/Leather Match: PC-086-100-012
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