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    Contour Cool Mesh Memory Foam Pillow

    Contour Cool Mesh Memory Foam Pillow with 3D Mesh Technology offers breathability and comfort

    The pillow includes two covers: an inside cover with 3-D mesh and a breathable outside cover. Both Covers are easily removed and washable.

    New Technology!
    Soft • Cool • Clean • Dry
    Uses 3-D Mesh Technology!

    The cooling properties of 3-D mesh technology combine with plush memory foam to provide an incredible new bed pillow for your head, neck and shoulder area.
    Enjoy the plush feel of premium grade memory foam while sleeping on a virtual layer of air! This pillow keeps you cool and dry, while molding to fit the exact shape of your head and neck, ensuring proper sleeping posture posture throughout the night. Finally, a memory foam pillow that stays cool all night long!


               The Science of 3-D Mesh

    New 3-D Mesh breathable pillow technology!            

       Our 3-D mesh is made of thousands of resilient fibers, each behaving as an independent spring.          
       Combined, they offer exceptional conforming support, cooling breathability and comfort! 
      Combined with our premium memory foam, the result is like sleeping on a layer of air!

    Mesh pillow allows air to pass right through

    Steam and humidity pass easily through the mesh, providing dry, all night comfort and relief from perspiration

    Mesh Pillow breathes and keeps you cool at night

    The 3-D mesh is 99% air, offering clean unparallel comfort for allergy sufferers.

    Memory Foam Pillow

    Our premium quality visco memory core offers conforming support and forms to your body shape.

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