Product Care


Duvets & Pillows

1. Down duvets & pillows should be aired outside in cool weather before use to eliminate any odours from the natural product as well as on yearly basis after first use. Airing your duvet helps to maintain its freshness, fluffiness, and insulating qualities. This method has been used in Europe for hundreds of years.
2. Make sure you always use a duvet cover to protect you duvet and pillows protectors for your pillows. This protects your investment and helps to prevents the build up of bed bugs and allergens in you new bedding. If possible try to use a 100% natural cotton or bamboo duvetcover as it will allow your duvet to breath better.
3. Ambiance Home Essentials recommends following the manufacturers instructions and most recommend dry clearing only. Spot cleaning is fine for small stains or accidents.
4. Down duvets and pillows can be washed in a commercial size washing machine but Ambiance Home Essentials cannot guarantee the results.

Synthetic, Wool and Silk Duvets and Pillows

1 Synthetic fiber duvet and pillows can be washed at home. Please check the wash instructions as not all products are machine washable.
2 All silk and wool products are recommended dry clean only but can be spot cleaned where necessary.

Linens, Sheets and Duvet Covers

1 Please check the care instructions tag on the products or the accompanying packaging.
2 In general high thread count 100% cotton or bamboo bedding needs to be washed in the delicate cycle with a small amount of pure soap like Ivory. For best results do not over dry the linens in the dryer, it is best remove them when they are still a little damp as this helps to prevents wrinking.
3 Jacquard or delicate items like silk sheets are recommended dry cleaning only. It is also a good idea to turn the duvetcover inside out if you do plan to wash the item at home.


1 All mattresses that Ambiance Home Essentials carry do not need to be "flipped".
2 It is recommended to rotate any mattress every 6 months to get a more even distribution of the weight on the sleeping surface and extend the life of your mattress.
3 A mattress pad must be used to help fit your sheets and help keep your mattress clean and sanitary. A waterproof mattress pad is necessary for certain mattresses like memory foam to keep from damaging the foam. This type of mattress pad also helps prevent the build up dust mites in the mattress.