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    Shop for Best Bed Lounge available in Canada, Quality Bed Lounge for most comfortable lounge on bed, relax with comfort with Bed Lounger - available at

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    Bed Lounge Back Rest Reading Pillow


    It takes this little "one of life’s luxuries" to a new level. You awake revitalized and refreshed thanks to the Bed Lounge.

    What’s remarkable beyond the Bed Lounge’s comfort is its ability to move, flex, and adapt itself to you! It supports and cradles your body, in whatever position you choose- upright, lounging, or reclining for ultimate pain, anxiety and stress relief.


    There’s nothing quite like settling into a Bed Lounge with your favorite book or a magazine. As you sink into its soft pillowy layers you notice something different that’s not there in any reading pillow or bed rest support – Bed lounge reading pillow supports you and fits your body’s form like it is made for you, like a glove.

    The other reading pillows you’ve seen don’t come close. And this one lets you lounge in any position from upright to reclining, all the time supporting you in that exquisite comfort.


    Great creative minds, like the prolific Mark Twain, loved to work in bed.

    A private wish many of us have had is how wonderful it would be to work in bed – in real comfort!The Bed Lounge is made for it. Because it supports your whole upper body and head, stress and strain while you work are reduced to a minimum.There’s a sound reason why businesses spend untold dollars on ergonomic seating and work stations. The goal: enhance productivity by letting the seating and workspace adapt itself to the user.The Bed Lounge exceeds most ergonomic chairs in comfort, support ? lounging range – and at a fraction of the cost! The Bed Lounge is made to work in bed.

    The benefits of the Bed Lounge don’t stop at just comfort.

    • Productivity in luxury
    • Extends your working ability
    • Ergonomic
    • Wake up feeling energized
    • Sectioned Side Pockets help you stay organized -- Everything you need at hand
    • Productivity enhancer
    • Able to concentrate better


    What would the ultimate maternity reading pillow be? A supremely comfortable, ergonomic lounger for mother, combined with a supportive, pillowy cushion for baby. The Bed Lounge adapts to mom and baby – whatever the position you chose. From upright to lounging to reclining, mother and baby are supported by the Bed Lounge. Works in all phases of pregnancy – and well beyond…


    During pregnancy, the Bed Lounge adjusts to fit your changing body, throughout the full cycle of your pregnancy. Your body is comfortably supported and cradled. The Bed Lounge can literally change as you do. It is so easy to adjust, that it can change support even if you just want or need to change position. Bed Lounge moves as you move – you adapt it to your exact posture needs and comfort.


    The Bed Lounge’s sturdy inner framework supports mom and baby. The moment she begins using the Bed Lounge she’ll notice the weight-distributing design lifting the load off of her arms, shoulders, neck and back as she nurses. Bed Lounge’s side pockets are an invaluable help to mom. Pockets are sectioned: put baby’s items such as bottle, diapers, towels in one side – Mom’s own items: magazine, TV remote, glasses, in the other sections.

    Early Childhood:

    The Bed Lounge is great for “together time” with mother and child. The moveable, pivoting arms of the Bed Lounge can easily widen to embrace mom and child for reading pilows, story telling, video watching, whenever you want to be close together.


    A quick nap is now thought to be one of the best ways to recharge and energize. Great thinkers and tireless workers like Edison and Einstein were master nappers. With the Bed Lounge you nap in soft, supple, supported comfort. It’s what the Bed Lounge® was designed to do.

    It takes this little "one of life’s luxuries" to a new level. You awake revitalized and refreshed thanks to the Bed Lounge.




    To store the Bed Lounge, simply fold the arms in. Tie the laces at the end of the armrests together, tuck the headrest in the lap of the Bed Lounge – that’s it. It takes no more space in the closet than a laundry bag.

    The Bed Lounge can be stored it on a closet shelf if you like, just like luggage. A single Bed Lounge replaces a whole linen closet full of pillows and cushions.

    In fact, the Bed Lounge is so light you can insert a clothes hanger and hang it in the closet or on a door hook. What other bedding item gives you this kind of storage versatility?


    To hide away your Bed Lounge portable recliner, it is as easy as making your bed. Simply tie together the Bed Lounge’s arms to compact it, and hide it behind your conventional pillows and shams on the bed. The Bed Lounge body’s sloping shape props your pillows at the proper angle for a neat, tidy look on the bed.

    Sleep in a Bed Lounge?

    Many folks tell us they just leave their Bed Lounge right on the bed, pivot the moveable arms outwards, lay their sleeping pillow down and go to sleep.

    The BedLounge is great for those individuals with sleep disorders. We get rave testimonials about what a godsend and help it is for those with sleep, respiratory, and digestive problems. And, we get doctors and other health professionals recommending BedLounges to their patients with these problems.

    Toss It Like a Pillow

    Remember, the BedLounge portable recliner is built for durability. With its light weight it is easy to toss it off the bed when you’re ready for sleep. Don’t worry about hurting it -- its Lifetime Warranty on the frame tells you that it can take rugged use.



    Not only are the BedLounge portable recliner SlipCovers removable – they are machine washable. And they are interchangeable! Think of the SlipCovers just like pillow covers in this respect. Just unzip the SlipCover’s heavy-duty nylon zippers, remove the cover set and put it in the wash. That’s all there is to it.

    BUY Bed Lounge Back Rest Reading Pillow ONLINE NOW! CLICK HERE!