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Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair
***Super Value***

Kneeling chairs have often been called "Posture" chairs. This is due to their unique design, which encourages good posture.  You may curious what the chair it is and how to seat comfortably without back support?  The key point is the posture--kneeling position which alleviates the need for a back. Primary support comes from the seat; additional support is sustained through your shins and the result is an ergonomically positive position that can be sustained throughout your busy work day.

Open up the angle between the thigh and the torso, making it easier to retain the natural curvature of the spine.  It changes the stress distribution of the human body in comparison with the sitting position of an ordinary chair. Because the angle of the hip joint is between that of sitting and standing, it allows the spine to be in a more "neutral," or middle-of-range, position. Because the knees are lower than the pelvis, the normal curve is restored to the lower spine, which reduces stress to the lower lumbar vertebrae.

Please Note:    Kneeling chairs are not for all people. If you have a history of poor circulation in the legs,problems with balance or knee problems this type of chair is not recommended.

    Thick Padded Black Fabric Seat and Knee Rest Provide Firm Support
    Natural Wood Finish
    Dual Wheel Casters
    Height Adjustment Knob
    200 lb. Weight Limit Dimensions
    Seat Size: 15.5"W x 12''D
    Knee Rest Size: 17.75''W x 10''D
    Seat Height: 20'' - 24''H
    Overall Dimensions: 17.5''W x 26.5''D x 20'' - 24''H

Kneeling Chair is one of our main products. We sell various types of  Kneeling Chairs including metal series ? wooden series.Kneeling Chairs create good posture which improves health. The kneeling chair/ ergonomic chair places your body comfortably and naturally into the correct ergonomic position to alleviate pressure on the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine. This kneeling posture enables you to promote the health of your spine, and reduces pain. If started at an early age it can dramatically reduce the damage caused by incorrect posture that we can develop from using a standard chair.